Державна служба України з питань геодезії, картографії та кадастру
Геопортал адміністративно-територіального устрою України

Науково-дослідний інститут геодезії і картографії

window to work with the map of administrative-territorial structure of Ukraine can be divided into the following areas:

1. Window cards;

2. Bookmarks bar;

3. Minimap;

4. Function keys;

5. Search string;

6. Buttons raster substrates.

Window Cards

window display card contains information on the map, as well:

- current coordinates of the cursor position (lower left corner of the map);

- massive line (center bottom of the map);

- the results of measurements (centered at the top of the card).

Bookmarks Bar

bookmarks toolbar contains tabs: Index, Layers and Legend

Tab Product displays a hierarchical tree according to subjugate all the objects of the administrative-territorial structure

When selecting an object Ata in the list and clicks the button window opens with information on the object of the administrative and territorial structure.

When selecting an object Ata in the list and clicks the button icon in the map indicated the location of the selected object of the administrative-territorial structure.

Tab Layers shows vector and raster layers system with the ability to display and off in the map.

Tab Legend displays the map legend, that which corresponds to the conditional mark some object on the map.

minimap displays thumbnails current region map.

Function Keys

Function keys allow you to perform the following steps:

Zoom Window Cards

Determine the distance on the map

define an area on the map

Move map mouse cursor

Obtain information about the object on the map

Remove cosmetic layer (field measurements, icon objects, etc.)

search string

Using the search string is easy to name the desired object of the administrative-territorial structure, automatically drop down prompt allows the user to easily navigate.

bitmap buttons below spoons

raster substrates buttons make it easy to switch from map to map the scheme on satellite photographs.